Bellatrix family beatbox workshop

1pm and 2:15pm, 17th February, Cluny.

Join the awesome Bellatrix for a family beatbox workshop! Let’s be honest, we’ve all tried to beatbox and failed miserably. Now is your time to learn some tricks of the trade from one of the best!

Bellatrix (AKA: Bel Ehresmann) is a beatboxing, double bassist from the West Country. Aged 17, Bel became the UK’s First professional female beatboxer and in 2009 the First Woman to win the world Beatbox championships.  She also holds the titles 2014 UK beatbox champion, 2015 beatbox team world champion and 2015 beatbox team UK champion. She was a member of The Boxettes (an all-female beatbox group who toured internationally for 6 years) and has worked with and supported notable musical acts including The Pharcyde, Imogen Heap, Massive Attack and Jarvis Cocker. Bel has performed worldwide, from Glastonbury and France to India and Bhutan and runs UK-based music workshops for young people.

There are two workshop times available - 1pm and 2:15pm. Each session lasts for 1 hour.

The 1pm session is most suitable for all the family. - This session is now sold out.

The 2:15pm session is most suitable people aged 8 and above.

2:15pm, Bellatrix, Family Beatbox Workshop
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